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„Wir weit weg“ is a project in cooperation with the KINDERVEREINIGUNG LEIPZIG e.V. founded in
2016 in Leipzig. This project faces two target groups: young people between 13 to 16 years and
coaches, so students or youth workers. Together they get time and money to organise there own
youth exchange with foreign partners.
Before we came to Serbia with our group, we had regular meetings with the young people aged
between 13 an 15 years after school. The idea of this kind of youth exchange is, that the kids can
participate as much as possible in the whole process. So they could think about the country they
want to go as well as the transport, programms, excursions and the things they would like to see. The
coaches are there to help, support and find solutions between different interests. This year we
startet the process in spring, so quite late because of the Covid regulations, and it was quite exciting,
because we had a lot of difficulties to find partners, accomodations or even a good time to travel.
During this process the young people were really patient and flexibel and finally we have find a great
partner in Serbia. Nobody thought about going to Serbia before – what a great adventure! 

Thank you for the wonderful exchange in Sabac!

Podcast Democracy - We are far away?

Podcast Democracy - We are far away?

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Democracy was created as an idea of the rule of the people in ancient Greece. After centuries of oppression, people felt their opinions should be valued and taken into consideration. Democracy was "perfect" in theory, but even the ancient Greeks had trouble executing it in reality... that challenge rises again today.